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SMART Learning Suite: lab

Join the PD team as they demonstrate how SMART lab can take learning to another level in the classroom.  Teachers can explore topics with students by implementing fun, interactive activities that allow for the creation of a dynamic learning environment.  It’s easy and exciting to create game-based lessons that coincide with teachers’ current topics!  While creating an opportunity for team building and friendly-competition, teachers also simultaneously ensure that customized content is comprehended! 

Introduction to SMART Learning Suite Online

Just released - SMART Learning Suite Online! SLS Online gives teachers instant access to all of their SMART Notebook lessons from ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME, on ANY device. Join the curriculum team as they walk you through how to distribute copies of your interactive lessons to your students and spark engagement in your classroom!. Learn how to create real-time formative assessments,  open and deliver lessons, connect student devices, and guide instruction!

Saving Teachers Time

For teachers, time is the #1 commodity. We're on a mission to save you time throughout the school year, so you don't have to wait till summer break to have some actual "you" time. In this session, we will share some time-saving tips like making Google Forms Quizzes, importing grades into Google Classroom, and saving question sets in SMART lab. Time flies...but these tools can help you save some!

Teq DTC: SMART Learning Suite Session 2 - Adding content to SMART Notebook

Continue your learning with session 2 of the 9-part Digital Teacher Certification course! Go beyond the SMART interactive flat panel basics, and learn how to use its fantastic Notebook  software to create interactive and engaging lessons for your classroom! The second session will cover the basics of the SMART Notebook software, including how to increase student engagement, how to use the Notebook templates to create your own interactive activities, and how to personalize your lessons using Notebook's drawing tools, gallery content, and additional links. At the end of the 9-sessions, each participant will have earned a Teq Digital Teacher Certification, along with a completed and classroom ready SMART Notebook lesson file, built using the skills learned throughout the course. This track will cover everything SMART, including the interactive flat panel and SMART Learning Suite using the SMART Notebook software. 

Instructional Tips
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Customizing Toolbar

Need access to a favorite or not readily available tool? Learn to customize your toolbar.

Searching the Gallery

Explore the SMART Notebook Gallery where you will find images, multimedia and interative content.

MyContent – Adding Images

Adding to My Content can be a great way to save time and collect custom objects that you regularly use. Learn how to add images into My Content so they are always accessible inside of SMART Notebook.

MyContent – Adding Pages

Creating templates from pages is an easy way to save time when creating SMART Notebook lessons or when delivering content to students. Discover exactly how to add pages to My Content with this video.

Creating a Student List

Student lists can be an easy way to encourage turn taking inside of ClassLab Activites, learn how to create and pick from a Student list with this video.

Signing into your SMART account

To use the premium features of SMART Notebook as well as connect to student devices, you must be signed in with a SMART account. See how to sign into your account inside of the SMART Notebook software with this video.

SLS O - Using Pre-Created Content from Google Drive

SLS O and G-Suite intergration make it easy to use content already stored in your Google Drive. See how to convert Google Slides and other files types to SMART Learning Suite and add activities to content you already have.

nOw Instructional Support