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Introduction to SMART Learning Suite Online

Just released - SMART Learning Suite Online! SLS Online gives teachers instant access to all of their SMART Notebook lessons from ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME, on ANY device. Join the curriculum team as they walk you through how to distribute copies of your interactive lessons to your students and spark engagement in your classroom!. Learn how to create real-time formative assessments,  open and deliver lessons, connect student devices, and guide instruction!

Teq DTC: SMART Learning Suite Session 6 - Response 2

Join our PD team for session 6 of the 9-part Digital Teacher Certification course! Now that you've learned how to create customized lessons with your SMART Notebook software, see how you can use SMART Response to better assess your students' learning.  Learn how to engage your students and raise the level of student participation with mobile assessment techniques in SMART Response. Incorporate real-time assessment of student learning with polls and a variety of questions including T/F, Multiple Choice, and short answer. At the end of the 9-sessions, each participant will have earned a Teq Digital Teacher Certification, along with a completed and classroom ready SMART Notebook lesson file, built using the skills learned throughout the course. This track will cover everything SMART, including the interactive flat panel and SMART Learning Suite using the SMART Notebook software.

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