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SMART response 2

The PD team will discuss how assessments are transformed into easy and fun activities using SMART Response in this session!  Students become actively engaged as they demonstrate their level of comprehension by answering questions using mobile devices. Using SMART Response gives teachers the ability to perform quick checks for understanding, store data, and monitor student progress.   

Teq DTC: SMART Learning Suite Session 3 - Interactive Pages and ClassLab

Continue your learning with session 3 of the 9-part Digital Teacher Certification course! Now that you’ve learned the basic skills to create lessons using your SMART Notebook software, take it to the next level. Learn how to use the Lesson Activity Builder (lab) and its new features to create customizable lesson templates, interactive game quizzes, handouts, and learn how to save your favorite images, pages, and work to the My Content folder. At the end of the 9-sessions, each participant will have earned a Teq Digital Teacher Certification, along with a completed and classroom ready SMART Notebook lesson file, built using the skills learned throughout the course. This track will cover everything SMART, including the interactive flat panel and SMART Learning Suite using the SMART Notebook software

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