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SMART iq Module

The SMART kapp iQ is an add on module to the SMART IFP 7000, 6000 & MX series. This add on will free the teacher's computer from the SMART IFP and allows student to interact with a variety of apps built right into the 6000 series SMART Interactive Flat Panel. These applications include collaboration tools, access to SMART lab activites, Chrome, Screensharing and more. Join us to see the newest product on the SMART family of interactive technology. 

Instructional Tips
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Signing into your SMART account

To use the premium features of SMART Notebook as well as connect to student devices, you must be signed in with a SMART account. See how to sign into your account inside of the SMART Notebook software with this video.

Sharing a SMART Notebook File via a Link

Emailing a SMART Notebook file could be difficult due to it's size. This video will show you how to share a SMART Notebook file to another teacher using a link.

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