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Digital Citation Tools

Do your students struggle to write proper citations? Do they forget to include them or purposely avoid them? Join us as we share with you our favorite digital citation tools including the Google Docs explore tool and the EasyBib add-on. With these, creating citations is so easy your students will want to add them! 

Duolingo -Become a Certified Educator

Looking for new ways to help your English Language Learners or Foreign Language classes learn? Duolingo for schools is fun, free, and proven to be an effective tool in language-learning! Join us as we introduce you to the platform and walk you through the simple steps to become a Duolingo For Schools Certified Educator!

What's New in Notebook 17

SMART Notebook 17 has just been released! Come join our curriculum specialists to learn this newest version of SMART Notebook. We will guide you through some of the changes and updates such as the new sign-in process, SMART response 2 assessment features, and a different look to SMART's welcome screen. This release also introduces new SMART lab activity themes and options, and the ability to share Notebook files to your SMART board or panel which provides seamless interaction for your classroom. We can't wait to share the new and enhanced features SMART has to offer.

Ultimaker: Optimizing Your 3D Print

The Cura 2.4 Software by Ultimaker has over 200 settings to adjust your 3D print to fit your needs. Join us as we show you where to download the software and some specific details of how to optimize your 3D print like print setup, materials, and scaling.

Intro to Promethean ClassFlow

ClassFlow is an in browser lesson building application created by Promethean. In ClassFlow you can create lessons, assessments, and assignments that are easily accessible at home or on the go! Join us as we go over the basics and discover what ClassFlow has to offer to help make your classroom more interactive and media rich.

Digital Teaching and Learning with Nearpod

Engage your students with interactive lessons and better your mobile assessment techniques with Nearpod! Let our PD instructors show you the ins and outs of this interactive learning tool so you can focus your students’ learning and create interactive presentations that include polls, quizzes, videos, drawing activities, self-guided quizzes, and more.

Technology to Support the Danielson Framework - Domain 1

In this first of four-session series, we'll explore how you can best incorporate technology resources to demonstrate your effectiveness of various components of Domain 1 of The Danielson Framework. The Danielson Framework is a constructivist set of instructional components aimed at helping teachers in four domains: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. From demonstrating knowledge of resources, content and pedagogy, to designing student assessments, our curriculum specialists will guide you through their favorites websites, platforms, and software programs for Planning and Preparation!

What's New in Notebook 16.2

The latest version of the SMART Learning Suite version 16.2, has been released and Teq’s PD team is here to share all of the latest features with you.Updates include:New interfaces and content management tools in SMART lab Changes to bookmarksChanges to handoutsGoogle Classroom integration in SMART ampThe addition of a robust math equation editor within SMART NotebookJoin our professional development specialists to learn more about SMART’s latest creations and how all of the changes can benefit your classroom.

Labdisc: Heart Rate

In this course we'll look at just one of the many applications of a Labdisc in the Biology classroom. You will need a BioChem Labdisc to perform this activity. Our Curriculum Specialists will show you how to conduct an experiment to measure heart rate using the heart rate sensor provided with your Labdisc. They will then show you how to analyze and manipulate the data within the Labdisc software.

Benefits of a SMART Learning Suite Subscription Session 4: Save Teachers' Time

In the final session for this sequence, the PD team will discuss ways in which the SMART Learning Suite allows teachers to manage their time more efficiently. Between prepping for classes and grading assessments, it is sometimes challenging for teachers to find moments to develop innovative lessons that incorporate technology.  SMART Exchange is a helpful resource that educators can certainly benefit from.  Join us as we become familiarized with the SMART Exchange platform and view content created by teachers, for teachers.  In addition, we’ll revisit SMART amp, SMART lab, and SMART response 2 to reflect upon how these features can enhance student learning and provide teachers with found time

Benefits of a SMART Learning Suite Subscription Session 3: Insight Into Learning

Assessments help teachers gauge students’ level of understanding, and the data gathered informs your instruction. Join us for this exciting webinar in which the PD team will take a close look at SMART response 2. This Notebook 16.1 feature enables students to participate in teacher-created assessments via personal devices of nearly any variety. We’ll see how teachers are able to save results for future reference and gain a holistic view of class comprehension.

Going Further with Programming: Hour of Code Edition Part 1

Hour of code is a global movement aimed to expose as many students to coding as possible. This December you can volunteer to organize an hour of code for your school. In the introduction of this series we walked you through the basics of orgainizing your own Hour of Code. In this session we will give you the step by step process of completing an Hour of Code coding activity!

Benefits of a SMART Learning Suite Subscription Session 2: Game-Based Learning

Learn how to build game-based activities using SMART lab, a major component of SMART Notebook 16.1 software. Teachers are able to create effective learning activities with speed and ease!  By following SMART lab’s basic prompts, teachers of all levels of comfort and familiarity can successfully integrate technology into their lessons, and also utilize student devices.  During this session, we’ll explore some sample SMART lab activities and demonstrate the process by which activities of this nature are created.

Benefits of a SMART Learning Suite Subscription Session 1: Successfully Integrate Student Devices with SMART Notebook & the SMART Learning Suite

Discover how to successfully integrate SMART Learning Suite features and your students’ devices to create effective learning experiences. In this introductory session, our PD team will begin to explore how to create engaging lessons that integrate with student devices. Subsequent sessions will take a closer look at game-based learning, collaborative opportunities, and various assessment-building techniques—just some of the many benefits the SMART Learning Suite has to offer educators and students of all grade levels!

Age of Exploration with Google Tours

Join us for another session of Teq Online PD as we use Google Earth Tours to recreate the routes of three famous explorations in History: Columbus’s journey to the new world, Lewis and Clark's quest for westward expansion, and Amelia Earhart's brave flight around the world! This course will show you how to add content to tours with voiceovers, and pop-up balloons. Our goal with this course is to leave you with a tool and activity you can use and implement in the classroom immediately. Don’t forget to tune in live so you can ask questions in our chatbox!

Preparing Your Google Drive for a New School Year

Teacher-created content, student assignments, lessons for presentation -- there are a lot of materials that may be crowding up your Google Drive. Join us as we discuss some best practices and techniques to organize content you may be storing in your Drive. We will cover practices of uploading and converting content, creating nested folders, and simple workflow techniques which will help you get the year started on the right foot using your cloud-based storage inDrive.

What's New in Notebook 16.1

Come learn the newest version of SMART Notebook in this short-format course. Join us to experience some of the changes such as new and refreshed toolbar icons and new customization. Introducing new SMART lab activities and themes, as well as the ability to hand out activities to individual and whole class devices has made this part of SMART Notebook a real winner! Furthermore, let us show you some new features pertaining to SMART Response, Ink, and the ESI Installer! 

What's New in Notebook 16

Just released! Come learn the newest version of SMART Notebook in short-format course. Learn about some of the changes to lab, the quick content-creation tool. Also included are some new HTML 5 gallery objects, which greatly improve upon the old Flash-based content. We’ll also show the Response 2 Beta, and talk about what you can expect to see in future releases. 

Pi Day Lessons and Activities

Join us for a fun-filled course with a variety of Pi day activities that can be used to educate students on the importance of 3.14... while engaging them in enjoyable classroom content. Make March 14th a holiday in your math classroom with some of our lesson suggestions!