nOw Instructional Support

Intro to Google Classroom

Join our curriculum specialists as we dive into Google Classroom! The platform brings some of the best features of Drive and key add-ons together in one easy-to-navigate application. Our PD Specialists will help you not only get up-and-running, they’ll give you some great ideas for simplifying your workflow too. See how easy it can be to manage entire class sets of documents and assignments with this amazing tool by Google.

Technology to Support the Danielson Framework - Domain 1

In this first of four-session series, we'll explore how you can best incorporate technology resources to demonstrate your effectiveness of various components of Domain 1 of The Danielson Framework. The Danielson Framework is a constructivist set of instructional components aimed at helping teachers in four domains: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities. From demonstrating knowledge of resources, content and pedagogy, to designing student assessments, our curriculum specialists will guide you through their favorites websites, platforms, and software programs for Planning and Preparation!