Finding the Right Ratio: PBL and Chromebooks

What would humans look like if they were capable of muscle powered flight? How long would their bird-like wings need to be in relation to their height and weight? Join us to dissect this unique project based learning activity in which students explore these questions using the tools available on Chromebooks.  By the end of this session, you will have the know-how and means to deliver this lesson in your classroom right away!

Chromebooks: Transforming Your Teaching

In the last session of our Chromebooks Concentration Series we bring it all together by discussing ways to redefine learning with technology with assistive techniques, setting up effective feedback mechanisms, and developing ways to facilitate successful problem solving. We will also examine best practices when it comes to introducing Chromebooks and discussing digital citizenship. Remember, if you have a Teq DTC in Google Educator Basics, completing this series awards you a concentration certificate in Chromebooks.

Chromebooks: Bringing it to the Classroom

The second installment in our Chromebooks Concentration Series walks you through the steps to plan and set-up Chromebooks in your classroom, while discussing behavior management techniques at every step. Then, we arm you with a plethora of apps and extensions that may be beneficial to your classroom such as Turn Off the Lights, Google Keep, and Google Cast. This is a session you won’t want to miss. See you there!

Chromebooks: Building Your Foundation

Are you already well versed in the usage of Google Apps, or have you just finished our Digital Teacher Certification (DTC) series on Google Educator Basics, and now you’re expected to integrate Chromebooks in your classroom? Fear not, as Chromebooks may use the same apps that you already know, or just learned about. However, having these devices, especially in a 1:1 classroom will take more expertise than that. In the first of this three-part Chromebook series, you will learn some introductory tips, device management techniques, and troubleshooting go-to’s. If you have a Teq DTC in Google Educator Basics, completing this series awards you a concentration certificate in Chromebooks.

Effective Chromebook Use in the Classroom

Join us to learn about the basics of using your Chromebook in the classroom. We'll discuss how the setup of the Chromebook including the differences if you are using them with management licenses. You'll also learn some best practices for Chromebook use and some ideas about how your teachers and students can use the Google apps and the Chromebooks to create exciting and engaging learning opportunities in the classroom!  

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