Teq DTC: Apple Session 3 - Safari

Join us for the third session of the Apple Digital Teacher Certification where we will discuss how to maximize your Internet experience through the use of Safari. In this course you will learn a few tips and tricks to help you become a Safari master. Join us as we take a look at extensions, settings, reader mode, and more, to help teachers - and students - make the most of Safari.

Teq DTC: Apple Session 2 - Settings and Accessibility Features

Welcome back for the second session of our Apple Digital Teacher Certification. Our Apple devices have many settings and features - where do we even begin? In this session, our Curriculum Specialists will go over some of the most helpful settings and features your devices have to offer. Screen recording, security features, screen zoom, and guided access are just a few of the settings we will discuss. Join us to make the most of the device(s) in your classroom.

Teq DTC: Apple Session 1 - Introduction

Welcome to the first session of our Apple Digital Teacher Certification. Throughout this certification track, you will learn the “ins and outs” of many of the Apple applications as well as how to incorporate them into your classroom instruction. In this first session, we will take a look at a sample final project to set you up for success! We will also discuss the process of submitting your assignments, finding your feedback, and how to receive support. Let's get your Apple devices ready for some learning!

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 12: Configuring iOS (Elective)

This course is an elective for the Digital Teacher Certification. There are many things that one must consider before implementing iPads in a classroom, school, or district. Join us for this course where we review various methods for successful deployment of this great educational tool.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 11: GarageBand (Elective)

This course is an elective for the Digital Teacher iPad Certification. Encourage students to get creative with the use of Apple's built in music creation studio. Record, edit, and share sounds from GarageBand to create content like podcasts and audio blogs in the classroom. Get creative and musical with us in this elective course!

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 10: iTunes U (Elective)

This course is an elective for the Digital Teacher iPad Certification. Join us as we explore the part of Apple's iTunes Music Store that is dedicated to educational audio and video content. Find some great sound that can be used in conjunction with your iPads to locate media from universities, museums, and other public media organizations.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 9: Mobile Assessment (Elective)

This course is an elective for the Digital Teacher iPad Certification. Throughout this course we will examine apps that can be used for various forms of mobile assessment with the iPad. Come learn how apps like Socrative and Nearpod can be used to engage students and provide teachers with data about student progress.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 8: iMovie

With this course, participants will be able to create digital stories, videos, trailers, and expand their knowledge of these techniques for use with various curriculum connections.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 7: iPhoto

With this course, participants will be able to add and organize content to iPhoto and collaborate with others through a shared Photostream.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 6: Keynote

With this course, participants will learn how to create engaging Keynote presentations using the vast features of the software. We will review teacher-centered and student-centered activities to help increase its usability in the classroom.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 5: Numbers

With this course, participants will be able to successfully create spreadsheets for teacher or student based interaction. We will streamline the way teachers and students can collect and analyze data by creating charts, graphs, and tables in the context of a lesson.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 4: Pages

With this course, participants will be able to use basic and advanced features of Pages across devices to enhance documents and presentations. We will also review how to enhance workflow with sharing and publishing techniques.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 3: Apptastic

With this course, participants will be able to successfully use iPad apps in conjunction with one another to create a project based learning activity. Throughout this session, we will demonstrate a complete activity and the use of multiple apps to perform various functions such as driving research, gathering data, and creating presentations.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 2: Learning with the iPad

In this course, teachers will be able to use the iPad as a teacher-centered technology with a single iPad in the teacher's hands. We will then extend the experience into whole-class instruction with student access to the iPads for various instructional activities.

Digital Teacher iPad Certification 1: Settings and Features

With this course, participants will be able to successfully introduce and implement iPads with their classes. Classroom management, basic functions, and various organizational techniques will help achieve success when introducing iPads in a classroom environment.

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