Blended Learning

Engaging Students with Video:PlayPosit

Do you assign students videos and clips to watch for complicated content? Maybe you provide multimedia for students to use as additional resources and review. How can you tell with the utmost certainty that your students are actually utilizing these videos, and learning from them? With PlayPosit, you can add interactivity to your videos and get data about students' use and performance with embedded assessment items. From popular sites like YouTube and Vimeo, PlayPosit allows you to stream videos on to your personal dashboard and customize the user experience with pauses, questions and more! Now integrated with Google Classoom, PlayPosit makes it easy to use video in your already seamless workflow! Join the Curriculum Specialists as we guide you through the platform, so you too can begin using this wonderful learning tool in your class!

Engaging Students with Video:EDpuzzle

How can you make sure your students are fully understanding the videos and clips you are showing them? Yes, we use videos all the time in our classrooms. Our hope is that we not only increase student engagement, but student achievement as well. EDpuzzle allows teachers to customize a video with embedded questions, voice tracks, and notes. With this platform, you are always in the know of how your students are doing. Teachers can also trim videos for important content, permit scrubbing features and other viewing options, and integrate video assignments with Learning Management Systems such as Google Classroom and Edmodo. Join our curriculum specialists for an exciting and informative course on ways to take advantage of video in your classroom!

Everything Educreations

Join us to learn about Educreations, a resource that allows you to engage students in an interactive and exciting way with videos. With this resource, teachers can engage students both in and out of the physical classroom, reach a variety of learners, and explore ideas like flipping their classroom!  Learn how Educreations can be used to create classes, enroll students, build courses, and share screencasts!

iTunes U Course Manager

Learn how to create and manage courses and materials using the iTunes U Course Manager. This organizational tool is full of quality educational content including iBooks, podcasts, documents, and more! Perfect for the blended classroom and free to use, iTunes U Course Manager enables you to share content with your students directly to their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Engaging Students with Videos

Do you have trouble reaching a variety of learning styles in your classroom? Are you nervous that you haven't motivated your students when you introduced a brand new topic? Are your students losing interest and excitement as the unit progresses? If you answered YES to any of these questions, come join our curriculum specialists as we embark on a journey to implement video use in the classroom! Teachers who have used instructional videos have reported that their students retain more information, are more enthusiastic about the learning, and comprehend the concepts of the topic faster. Sometimes, it's impossible to take students on field trips, participate in experiments, purchase materials, or illustrate complex topics with a conventional way of teaching (and limited amount of time). Now, with videos, students can experience all of this and more! If you're seeking an innovative way to take advantage of video in your classroom, join us for this informative PD!

Digital Teaching and Learning with Nearpod

Engage your students with interactive lessons and better your mobile assessment techniques with Nearpod! Let our PD instructors show you the ins and outs of this interactive learning tool so you can focus your students’ learning and create interactive presentations that include polls, quizzes, videos, drawing activities, self-guided quizzes, and more.


Gamification is a way of cultivating motivation in your students by using games that have educational goals and levels which provide increasingly challenging content. Join us as we show you 5 of our favorite Gamification resources to use in your classroom! To learn more about Game-Based Learning and Gamification before this session check out our Blog at!

Game-Based Learning

Game-Based Learning is a phrase often confused with Gamification or gaming. In this course we will share with you our 5 favorite Game-Based Learning activities to start using in your classroom right away! You will also learn about some ways you can gamify your classroom with or without computers! To learn more about Game-Based Learning and Gamification before this session check out our Blog at!

Going Further with Prezi

This course is a continuation of our first Prezi course, which looked at the basic features of creating an interactive presentation. Learn about the more advanced features of the Prezi program to help engage learners and encourage them to get creative with a new type of presentation software.

Web Safety for Students

Have you ever heard of the term “digital citizenship?” As 21st century learners, it is important that our students practice good digital citizenship when working with various technology platforms. Join us as we explore best practices for digital citizenship and various resources which help teachers model and teach the importance of it in the classroom.

Introduction to Prezi

Prezi is an online presentation tool that uses unique techniques to create beautiful and engaging online presentations. With collaborative components and multiple ways to add rich media this free software is excellent for having your students create digital presentations. Learn how to use this dynamic virtual space to engage your students and have them create 21st century content.

Social Media in the Classroom

Social media has become an excellent tool for opening up communication between teachers, students, and parents all over the globe. In this session we will discuss best practices for implementing popular social media networks into your classroom. We’ll show you how to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to grow your own education- focused network to communicate with your students inside and outside of the classroom.

Introduction to a Successful BYOD Environment

The BYOD initiative is taking the education world by storm. However, it undoubtedly requires a great deal of management and organization on the part of the educator and the administration. Join us in the first of this 2-part course where we discuss considerations and techniques for the implementation of a successful BYOD initiative. We will explore a variety of important topics that should be considered by educators and administrators before putting a BYOD initiative into practice, and expand upon these procedures to continue on a path to success.

Creating Interactive Videos to Provide Formative Feedback

Using videos in the classroom can be an exciting way to differentiate and reach all your students. In order to effectively use videos in the classroom it's important to create a procedure around watching and support student learning by asking questions before, during and after videos. In this course you'll learn about some great online programs to build out your videos with questions, quizzes and other support material to enhance students engagement and understanding.

Intro to Blended Learning

Explore the various models of blended learning and the requirements for a successful implementation. Well discuss learning management systems (LMS), hardware and software needs, and the roles of the teacher, student, administrator, and parents in a blended learning environment.

Just Flip It!

The flipped classroom is growing in popularity and now it's time for you to see what all the fuss is about! Learn the benefits of the flipped classroom, from creating an active learning environment in the classroom to turning the teacher into a facilitator, and explore what tools and best practices can be implemented to successfully ?lip?a lesson in your classroom.

Kaizena and Thematic Essay Design

Learn how to implement Kaizena in conjunction with Google Drive and through its web-based platform. Kaizena is a digital feedback tool which allows teachers to provide audio feeadback and open new communication practices with students. Join us as we examine thematic essay design with this useful tool.

Blended Learning with Evernote

Evernote provides teachers and students with a secure place to connect and collaborate, as well as gather, share, and organize content. As a program available on various devices, Evernote enhancesthe ability to gather information from various sources, take notes, and keep organized with a large number of projects. Join us to learn more about implementing Evernote with a variety of devices in your classroom.

Edmodo in the Classroom

Edmodo provides teachers and students with a secure place to connect and collaborate, share content and educational applications, and access homework, grades, class discussions and notifications. Edmodo's goal is to help educators harness the power of social media to customize the classroom for each and every learner.Edmodo professional development will teach you how to set up an Edmodo teacher/class account and invite students to connect and share content and important information in the classroom. You will learn how to assign and grade homework, class assignments, and quizzes.

Everything Educreations

Flip your classroom and provide useful screencasts to students both in and out of the physical classroom with Educreations. Learn how Educreations can be used to create classes, enroll students, build courses, and share screencasts!

Virtual Classrooms with Schoology

Schoology provides teachers and students with a secure place to connect and collaborate, share content and educational applications, and access homework, grades, class discussions, and notifications. Learn how to harness the power of social media to customize your classroom for each and every learner.

Creating Multimedia Posters with Buncee

The wealth of technology at our fingertips allows teachers and students to use new, exciting tools to create engaging presentations. Learn about Buncee, an application and web-based program which provides a fun way to create multimedia content for presentation. Join us and learn how enhance your classroom environment and get students excited about new programs and technology!

Virtual Classrooms with Edmodo

Harness the power of social media and customize your classroom withTeq's Virtual Classrooms with Edmodo course. Let our PD team teach you all about Edmodo?he virtual classroom that provides teachers and students with a secure place to connect and collaborate. Learnhowto share content, host class discussions, post assignments, and grade student work,all within the Edmodo classroom!

Virtual Classrooms with Schoology - Part 3

In our third session of the Schoology platform, we focus on building your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) with Schoology groups.  We will discuss methods to join public and private groups to collaborate with other educators and experts in your field.  Join us to learn how to organize resources and use the learning mangement system to its fullest potential. 

Virtual Classrooms with Schoology - Part 2

Join us for session 2 where we will focus on using Schoology as a mobile assessment platform.  We will take a look at how to create quizzes and tests within schoology, as well as how to set up your gradebook for accurate calculations on graded assignments. 

Virtual Classrooms with Schoology - Part 1

Join us for the first session of Virtual Classrooms with Schoology where we will take a look at creating your courses and adding materials for sharing.  Learn how to communicate and create a collaborative virtual classroom using Schoology's easy-to-follow platform! 

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