nOw Instructional Support


Digital Teaching and Learning with Nearpod

Engage your students with interactive lessons and better your mobile assessment techniques with Nearpod! Let our PD instructors show you the ins and outs of this interactive learning tool so you can focus your students’ learning and create interactive presentations that include polls, quizzes, videos, drawing activities, self-guided quizzes, and more.

Benefits of a SMART Learning Suite Subscription Session 3: Insight Into Learning

Assessments help teachers gauge students’ level of understanding, and the data gathered informs your instruction. Join us for this exciting webinar in which the PD team will take a close look at SMART response 2. This Notebook 16.1 feature enables students to participate in teacher-created assessments via personal devices of nearly any variety. We’ll see how teachers are able to save results for future reference and gain a holistic view of class comprehension.