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16 Part Certification
17 hours
Google Educator Basics Digital Teacher Certification
Learn key strategies for increasing efficiency and improving workflow between teachers and students using all that Google has to offer. Various methods to improve co...
17 Part Certification
17 hours
Google Trainer Digital Teacher Certification
*Due to recent changes in the Google Educators Certification this track of courses now provides content for the Google Trainer Exam (Link: http://trainerlearningcent...
14 Part Certification
Google Educator Advanced Digital Teacher Certification
Join us for a continuation of our Google Educator Basics Digital Teacher Certification. In this advanced certification we'll build off of what we have learned and co...
16 Part Certification
0 hours
Teq DTC - Google Educator Basics
Do fellow teachers often ask you for technical assistance? If they don’t would you like to be that pillar of knowledge for your peers? Join us for our first sessio...

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